How to Enjoy Your Life by Work as Freelance

Andre! are you crazy? Why you choose to work as a freelance when you live in Jakarta as a nomad? — Some friends ask me this question.

Actually, in the previous article about the decision to become a freelance I have told stories about the journey since I graduated from Pontianak, West Borneo, until finally I decided to be a wanderer, so I go to Jakarta. Yes, I decided to work as part time only after 1.5 years I become a full time employee in 2 companies. I am a flea jumper, Within range only 1,5 years, I have changed my jobs for twice, I just think that I never suitable if I work in a company with career path.

There is a little sad story after I choose for resign a few months ago. I resigned at 2016, November. So I got tittle as unemployment for few months (Dec, Jan, Feb) with nomaden status at Jakarta. Can you imagine that? with nomaden status living in the capital, I need to have enough money to pay rent, daily meals and other necessities.

No, I do not have enough savings money to pay all the things above. It because all of the money that I got from worked for 1.5 years earlier I transfer to my mom to help my family. And of course, my parents never know what happened to me during those 3 months!. But, Thanks God, I’m Blogger. I can still live every day by diligently come to Blogger event. And I also get money to pay rent from everything I do as blogger.

Starting Freelance Job

March 2017, Someone offers me a job as Freelance Digital Marketing. And FYI, This offer came from my last company where I was worked. Salary offered is lower than if I worked permanently, but I get 2 free days from 5 working days every week. If most people need to work 5 days in a week, I just need to work 3 days in a week. The next 2 days I can work anywhere, maybe from Mars.

This is the best solution ever for me. When I get bored with the atmosphere of the office, I can work from nearest coffee shop. When I am tired of working with a cafe atmosphere, I can come to the office and meet co-workers! 😂 Thank God, I’m Blessed.

With 2 days free time every week, 4 days if added with Saturday and Sunday, I have more time to improve myself. I will always take the time to attend every event invitation in order to build a wider network. I can go on holiday up to 3 times in a month. Have you started envy with my life? 😋

And lucky me, 3 days to come to the office was not I should come in 3 days consecutive down, but I only come to the office with an accumulation of 12 days each month. That means, I can work 2 consecutive weeks, and the third week I can leave the office for 1 week! 😶

Travelling More

As it happened last week, I just got back from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, and left the office for a week (and sure, this trip all covered by sponsor). Stories about Traveling in Sabah can you read here: Island Hopping and Learning Sabahan Culture at Mari-mari Cultural Village (bahasa Indonesia).

And next week, I will go to Mataram, capital of the Indonesian province of West Nusa Tenggara to see the progress of Micro, small, and Medium Enterprises from an automotive brand. (ya, they invite me as the only one Blogger from Jakarta to go with them).

Dare to Make Decision

In essence, happiness is not always about value, not about how much money you can make. Happiness is where you can put yourself, and you will find yourself happy there. If today you want to make a big decision and you hesitate to do that, my advice: JUST DO IT. You’ll never know if you never dare to try. ❤

Is there any plan to resign after reading this?

Originally posted in Bahasa Indonesia on my blog.

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